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About Us

The Vita IQ brand of nutritional supplements is developed with the goal of helping consumers in their efforts at enhancing their health and well-being.

Our body is endowed with intricately balanced systems that in health have their own natural ways of adapting to the stresses of life. During development - from the womb through adolescence - our brain and body require a steady supply of essential nutrients to lay the foundation for a healthy metabolism, stress tolerance, and well-being for the rest of our life.

In adulthood, we can maintain our natural wellness and enhance our resilience through a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and optimal nutrition. We need to provide our bodies with the full complement of dietary nutrients, ranging from essential omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins to quality protein and trace minerals, in order to maintain wellness.

Fortunately we are living at a time when we have not only an expanded nutritional knowledge base, but also the growing availability of dietary supplements that were often not available to consumers only a generation ago. Our purpose is to combine science-informed product formulation with an uncompromising insistence on quality ingredients in order to provide health-conscious consumers with superior nutritional products for their mental wellness and metabolic balance.

John Zebrun MD


Vita IQ® is a registered US Trademark.